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The ancient greek word 'roiin' derives from river. Like a huge stream the music of Roiin keeps flowing and meandering constantly. From fragile to wild and archaic, this musical stream is changing shape and form.
Roiin is a collaboration between american and swiss jazz musicians. Initiated by singer Corinne Nora Huber and pianist Michael Haudenschild the band first came together for a recording session at the Bunker's Studio in Brooklyn, New York 2016. They were among the three finalists for the BeJazz TransNational Contest 2018, which was the occasion for their first tour in Switzerland in march 2018. Roiin cross european with american jazz: lyrical sounds meet raw and frenetic energy and merge into a unity

Corinne Nora Huber - voc, comp
Philip Dizack - trp
Christoph Huber - ts
Michael Haudenschild - p, rh, comp
Benjamin Muralt - b
Angelo Spampinato - dr