NOJA cares about your ears. And about dedicated, true-born music. Therefore the small band is only serving exquisit food for your auditory canals. Emerging from voice/rhodes/guitar and a collection of prettily blinking little tools NOJA creates a unique meal for you that you have not tasted yet digested before. Be prepared for some spicey and bittersweet sounds straight out the fine song kitchen of the long-time duo NOJA. 

NOJA is the heart and the core of NOJAKîN. NOJA is where everything has started: the long-time duo with piano player Michael Haudenschild and singer Corinne Nora Huber first came together in 2013 when both were studying at the University of Arts in Bern. They began playing and touring in their duo before the bigger formation NOJAKîN evolved out of NOJA. As NOJAKîN grew it rapidly gained attention throughout the young swiss jazz scene, being part as one of the ten bands at the Suisse Diagonales Jazz Festival 2017. The well experienced team has come a long way - from playing with NOJA in Prag, London, New York and Berlin to celebrate the release of their second album with NOJAKîN in spring 2018 at Moods Zurich and at bee-flat Club Bern.

Corinne Nora Huber - vocals, guitar, fx
Michael Haudenschild - rhodes, fx