May Kasahara

May Kasahara is not from this world. She sees and sings about the world from a different star. From there her multilayered sounds echo through the universe till they reach little earth.

The extraterrestic sound waves pulsate wildly through your ear canals, flow through the stomach until they vibrate under your skin and set your heart aflutter. May Kasahara is a gentle force of nature, her songs are of intergalactical beauty and gravity.

The trio from Bern / New York first came together in New York in 2016 when they did a recording session with Roiin. The idea for a trio project evolved during the tour with Roiin for the BeJazz TransNational Contest beginning of 2018.

Corinne Nora Huber - voc, cello
Michael Haudenschild - rh, synth
Angelo Spampinato - d