Malou Bien

Malou Bien sets the onomatopoetic lyrics of the american poet Ambrose Mohler to music. For seven years Ambrose lived in the Sunset District of San Francisco, he knew every bar and walked every avenue of the City by the Bay.

Malou Bien's music captures this insatiable craving for freedom and life in her music as she sings of long nights and drunken ways home. Woven by two weightless voices her songs sound transparent and honest, fragile yet forceful.

Malou Bien was founded by Corinne Nora Huber who was longing for an intimate small project which really focuses on the voice after playing a lot in big projects. The small band is based both in Bern and in London where bass player Benjamin Muralt is living.

Corinne Nora Huber - voc, guit / Benjamin Muralt - voc, b



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