The family trio features father, son and daughter in one band. But not only are they connected through their bloodline - the three of them share a deep musical understanding. Improvisation was there from day one. They just do what they've been doing together through all their life till today. A familar affair, so to say.

Every musician is writing her / his own compositions for the band. With piano, saxofon, bass clarinet, voice, cello, percussions a gong and lots of little toys and gadgets their music sounds very lively, playful and rich of ideas. Multilayered sounds intervene with sharp percussive statements, contrasts get celebrated first only to become one in the end. They explore the whole range of sound volumes as well as of colours. A truly adventurous undertaking.

Corinne Nora Huber - voc, cello
Christoph Huber - sax, bcl
Felix Huber - piano